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Objective Target
To assure the consideration of “Perceived Product Quality” across the whole Supply Chain, this research project pursues several objectives. The main objective is to close the gap between technical product specifications and customer requirements during the product realisation as well as to pass the customer requirements into the whole Supply Chain. The expressed customer requirements and the realised technical criteria of each assembly have to be matched continuously. Furthermore, the poor predictability of customer requirements causes distortions in the information flow, which can lead to disturbances up and down the supply chain.
There are numerous factors which are often combined that will cause these supply chain distortions to start what we call the “Supply Chain Customer Requirements Bullwhip Effect”. This effect could be reduced by the outcome of this research project.
The methodology will have to take into account the recent developments in the Supply Chain as the requirements are steadily rising. To make sure the usual communication pathways will allow the new information to be passed along the Supply Chain, a detailed look at the current ways and communication tools will be necessary.

Ultimately, the question we have to pose is:
How can customer requirements be gathered and described holistically and relayed for a customer orientated product realisation within the Supply Chain, taking into account the current changes of the classical Supply Chain communication?
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